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Moving animals

Ocassionally I make animals that move!
Watch this Chameleon come to life:

This Hummingbird is solar powered:

The paper Deinonychus hatches from its egg in this video:

A magical fish carrousel. When the mechanic is winded up eight fishes calmy swim by.
Just like the chameleon the illusion is created with a mirror. Each fish is handcrafted from paper.

'Flying dragon' 
These small lizards live in trees.
During mating season, male flying lizards defend their territories. They court females by displaying their bright yellow throat flap.
Materials used:
paper, wood, magnets, bark-paper(papyrus).

This paper seahorse swims its little circles with the use of a battery-clock.
I had fun making this very simple mechanism.

'The grumpy Tortoise'
Another automaton based on the same construction as the Chameleon.
The Tortoise itself is made of paper, but the eye is a very small ball-magnet.
When winded up the animal slowly sticks out its head, looks around as if in agony before retreating to the safety of its shell. Or is this Tortoise just being too critical about what it sees? 

Life is good and peaceful here, although there is not much space on this miniature planet.
I made this planetoide from paper. It is very small, only 5cm high.
The movement is created with a battery clock.

'Steampunk Dragon'
Since a long time I wanted to make a dragon that could spit fire without the use of real fire or chemicals, but I always thought it was not possible.
And then I discovered a trick with a mirror. I used a mirror for many of my automata. In this case I removed some of the reflective layer behind the mirror, at the place where I wanted the fire to show. The light of the fire is behind the mirror.
The dragon itself is made from some brass gears and other materials from a small clock. I used a zipper to make the flexible neck of the dragon. All the other gears at the bottom and the sides of the mechanism - the brass tubes and the winding key on the right - are just for decoration, and to give it a steampunk feel.