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Birds, frogs, fish and boats

All the birds shown on this page are three dimensional models, I made from thin paper. They are lifesize, and very realistic in colour and detail. I make the birds (and other animals) from paper templates. The templates are handcoloured with watercolour and gouache before assembling.
Some of the birds are scanned before putting together. In this way I can make a few birds, using the same design.
Watch how a bird is designed on youtube.

Like me on facebook for the latest models and tutorials. Also feel free to share on my facebookpage your own models made from my templates!
Did you do something special or creative with my paper birds? Or perhaps you made your own design! Then send me a photo and maybe you're work will be shown in the..

Laughing Kookaburra

Collared flycatcher

Hummingbirds! A free model.

This model of the Ruby-throated hummingbird is available for free download:
Large hummingbird for practice.pdf
Life-size hummingbird.pdf
The life-size hummingbird is very small and challenging to make.
I recommend to start with the larger hummingbird to get to know the construction.

Instructions on youtube.

Flying Goldfinch

Goldfinch, Nuthatch, Cardinal , Bluebird

A free model: The Wren


The Wren
The mount
Tutorial (instructions) on youtube

The hatching Deinonychus (free model)

hatching Deinonychus

Watch how it hatches!
This model is available for free download.
The baby Deinonychus
The egg 
Tutorial (instructions) on youtube:
How to make the egg.
How to make the baby Deinonychus.

Paper model of a Firecrest.
Available for free download.

The Firecrest pdf or jpg (the jpg-picture shows more detail. Copysave first to print this file.)
The branch and box pdf
Tutorial (instructions) on youtube.

Paper model of a Kingfisher.
Available for free download.

the Kingfisher pdf or jpg (The jpg-picture shows more detail. Copysave first to print this file.)
the branch pdf
instructions pdf
  more instructions
Watch how the Kingfisher was designed on youtube.


Also available as a cardboardmodel:
The Hoopoe
The Scops owl
The microceratops
The Bird of paradise
The Bee-eater

A selection of the other models.
Click on the pictures for a close-up.

          goldcrest     house sparrow     crested tit

      treefrog     goldfinch     





         kingfisher     treecreeper     scops owl



The models are for sale in two variations:
*The original*
An original hand-made and hand-painted bird takes about two weeks to design, assemble and paint.
The paintwork is done with very fine brushes, in numerous thin layers using aquarellic paint and gouachepaint on top every detail and nuance in colouration in the featherpattern is shown. 
The originals are exhibited in art gallery Petit Amsterdam, wild-life art exhibitions, and in my studio in Leiden, the Netherlands. The birds are presented in specially made frames behind glass, the prices vary between 500 to 1000 euro's for each bird. Well protected behind the glass, the sculptures will last a lifetime to enjoy. All the original models shown on this page are sold.
Of some of the birds I make duplica's, for the birds hand-painted designs are scanned before assembling. The duplicates of the original vary in prices between 100 to 500 euro's. The print-run of the duplicates is about 10 to 25.
The duplicates are printed with pigmented ink using a professional printer, or etched printing plates. The birds are assembled with most care, and touched up with gouache or watercolour, and signed. The stands are usually made of wood.You can order a model by mail. The models are sent in solid protective small boxes.


I also offer templates, duplicates and original hand-painted models on


For the making of the paintings of  'the waterworld' and 'treehouse'series, I created some paper models to observe light and perspective, and also to trigger the inspiration for making the paintings. These models are constructed in a loose and improvised way.

This model was used to make the painting 'jazzboat'

This model was used to make the painting 'African boat'

This model was used to make the painting 'Small arc'

This model was used to make the painting 'The sinking ship'